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Ferrous Sulphate

Ferrous is a necessary micronutrient required in protein synthesis and for ensuring seed quality and uniforms maturity. Ferrous Deficiency is common in high pH, calcareous and low organic matter content soils , it is also a very important body mineral and is used for the treatment of iron deficiency, anaemia and with patients taking epoetin. Ferrous is more readily absorbed after oral administration than iron in its ferric state. Ferrous sulphate is used in a heptahydrate and an anhydrous form. the anhydrous contain 30% elements iron, where as the heptahydrate form contain 19% elemental iron (by weight). We provide the products in powder and crystal form as per requirement.

Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate

Dried Magnesium Sulphate

Common NameDried Magnesium Sulphate
Molecular FormulaFeSO4.7H2O
AppearanceGreenish Crystal
% of iron (Fe) Min 19%
AssayMin 54%
LeadMax 0.001%
Dried Ferrous Sulphate

Dried Ferrous Sulphate

Common NameDried Ferrous Sulphate
Manganese Sulphate MnSO4.H2O
AppearancePink Powder
% of MetalMn >32%
Heavy MetalsMax 0.01%