Every micronutrient has specific roles to play in the plants. Their presence in optimum concentration is a must for the plants to complete its life cycle that ends with maturity and harvesting of the economic produce. Micronutrients are essential plants mineral taken up and utilized by crops in very small quantities.Traditionally we have relied on what was present naturally in the soil together with amounts added as impurities in fertilize and pesticides as source of micronutrients for crop growth .In recent years however, deficiencies of micronutrients have been diagnosed more frequently ; and many farmers are beginning to take a closer look at their general availability. It is extremely important to be able to recognize and correct micronutrient deficiencies.

Copper Sulphate

Common NameCopper Sulphate
Molecular FormulaCuSO4.5H2O
AppearanceBlue Crystalline Powder
% of MetalCu >24.5%
Heavy MetalsMax 0.01%

Manganese Sulphate

Common NameManganese Sulphate
Molecular FormulaMnSO4.H2O
AppearancePink Powder
% of MetalMn >32%
Heavy MetalsMax 0.01%

Magnesium Sulphate

Common NameMagnesium Sulphate
Molecular FormulaMgSO4.7H2O
AppearanceWhite Granular Crystalline
% of MetalMn >9.6%
Heavy MetalsMax 0.03%

Di -Calcium Phosphate

Common NameDCP
Molecular FormulaCaHPO4
AppearanceWhite Amorphous Powder
CalciumMin 23%
PhosphorusMin 18%
Phosphate As P2O5Min 42%
FluorideMax 0.1%

Potassium Sulphate

Common NamePotassium Sulphate
Molecular FormulaK2SO4
AppearanceWhite Powder
K2OMin 50%
SulphurMin 18%
MoistureMax 0.10%
ChlorideMax 1.50%
pH of 5% sol.5 to 7

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