Chelated micronutrients are widely used in agriculture and are strongly promoted by the fertilizer industry. The word chelated is derived from the Greek word for “Claw”. In fertilizer technology ,it refers to inorganic nutrients that are enclosed by an organic molecule .EDTA is a versatile chelating agent ,i.e it has the ability to “sequester” metal ions. It surround the inorganic iron and forms weak bond with it , effectively giving the nutrient an organic coating. The organic coating around the nutrient allows it to penetrate thought the wax into the leaf. Once in the leaf , the chelate releases the nutrient so that it can be used by plant.We can offer EDTA and EDDHA in variety of grade and compositions based upon the requirements of clients.


Product NameEDTA Zinc 12 %
Molecular FormulaC10H12N0O8Zn
AppearanceOff White Powder
Metal ContentZn >12%

Manganese EDTA

Product NameEDTA Mn/ Chelated Manganese
Molecular FormulaC10H14MnN2O8
Appearance White Powder
Metal ContentMn >12.5%

Copper EDTA

Product NameCopper EDTA Chelate
Molecular FormulaC10H14CuN2O8
AppearanceBlue Powder
Metal ContentCu >14%


Product NameEDTA Fe 12%
Molecular FormulaC10H14FeN2O8
AppearanceLight Yellow Powder
Iron ContentMin 12%
pH(1 wt% sol.)4-6


Product NameEDDHA- Fe
Molecular FormulaC18H18FeN2NaO6
AppearanceDark Red Brown Powder
Iron ContentMin 6%

EDTA Chelated Mixture

Product NameEDTA Chelated Mixture
AppearanceGreenish Powder
Solubility100% water
Iron (Fe)Min 4.0%
Zinc (Zn)Min 4.0%
Copper (Cu)Min 0.5%
Manganese (Mn)Min 3.00%
Boron (Bo)Min 1.5%

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